When the Joe Expo was announced, there was a lot of speculation as to the Bronco players that might come up I-25 for the event. Knowing some of the background negotiations that were going on I can tell you it was no easy task to get a couple of them pinned down as the Broncos were making a number of moves in the free agent market as were players. So Bronco fans were delighted to hear that #54 Linebacker Brandon Marshall and #30 Safety David Bruton Jr had signed on to join us for the weekend.

David Bruton is considered by many to be one of the best safeties and special teams players in the game and when free agency came up he took a very business approach to his next move. That next move was a recent contract with the Washington Redskins. He explains it all comes down to playing time and the ability to be a starter. Here is the conversation.

Brandon Marshall is a fellow who had a forgettable start with the Jacksonville Jaguars and as he explained, it just wasn't a good fit for his talents. After signing on the practice squad with the Broncos a key injury to Von Miller allowed him to move to the game day roster and that was all he needed to showcase what he could do. Although Brandon has yet to sign his new contract with the Broncos, he is participating in spring drills and looking forward to a long career in the NFL.

Both of these players along with members of the Denver Bronco Cheerleading squad join us this Friday and Saturday for the Joe Expo and would encourage you to do the same.